Saeed Abdollahi

Iranian photographer and architect, born on 28th may, 1994.

Hello World...

I started my experimental photography career using smartphone camera in 2013. Portrait, documentary and unusual photos form my professional characteristics. I believe seeing the word with the visor, is a gift and anyone can shot good photos, had to try catch the naked truth.

I'm trying my best to see and make others see the pain and the darkness of humanity and life.

life of inferior people and the suffer of them, is goal of my career.

It's just a chance to build better world with knowing our ugliness.

In a this period of time I managed to hold 5 individual exhibitions of my own works in minimalistic, and portrait and documentary photography genres

. Abandoned

the ability to love and to be loved

the ability to listen

the ability to watch and retell

the ability of sadness and gaiety

the ability to laugh and cry limitless

the ability to hold your head high out

of proud and still

being humble

the ability of being a trustee in a

glourios way

and the gloomy ability of coping with




the bare loneliness

being a human is a hard duty.



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